We believe all families deserve to be healthy. That’s a big statement, we know. Let us explain what we mean.

To us, healthy families know they can see a doctor before there’s a crisis, not only when they are in crisis. They don’t have to decide between paying for groceries or paying the bills. They have a community that can support them and that they, in turn, can support others. Being healthy in these types of ways positions families for success in all ways.Unfortunately, there are thousands of families across Washington state who want to be healthy and could be healthy, but currently are not.Last year alone, we connected more than 300,000 people to life-saving programs like Medicaid, CHIP, Basic Food and WIC. To some, this may sound like alphabet soup. To the individuals we serve, its music to their ears. This work isn’t easy and we couldn’t possibly do it alone.We partner, we collaborate and we create alliances. We recognize and respect the diversity within ourselves, our organization and our community. And we have amazing supporters whose generosity makes it all possible.WithinReach serves as the foremost catalyst for improvements in maternal, child and family health. We’ve been doing this work for over 27 years and we have big plans for future. We invite you to be a part of it now.

Read on for more about our history, our approach, and our track record.