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Health Care Reform

The healthcare system in Washington State and across the nation has changed in recent years. In Washington, the expansion of Medicaid and new tax credits under the Affordable Care Act, has allowed more families to qualify for free and low-cost health insurance. Since January 2014, nearly 700,000 people have accessed free or low-cost health coverage in Washington State , with nearly 85 percent of people receiving financial assistance through the Washington HealthPlanFinder to enroll in a health plan. On average families received $390 a month per household, or more than $3,100 annually to help lower the costs of health insurance. As certified “Navigators”,  the WithinReach Family Health Hotline is here to help families understand and apply for health insurance based on their needs and budget.

To learn more about Health Care Reform watch this video, How Does The Affordable Care Act Work?:

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