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Basic Food Education Forum

The Basic Food Education Forum is a platform for King County agencies enrolling clients in the Basic Food/SNAP (food stamps) program to meet and network with others about common issues and strategies to promote Basic Food enrollment.

The Forum Helps Members by Providing Opportunities to:

  • Learn about Basic Food eligibility, application process, and best practices for outreach.
  • Provide ongoing updates from DSHS and other organizations to current King County Basic Food outreach agencies.
  • Increase collaboration between partners and share best practices to increase the number of families and individuals successfully enrolled in Basic Food.

Any King County community based, governmental or outreach agency or individual that is involved in enrolling clients in Basic Food, and would like to learn more and collaborate with other partners to increase enrollment can become a member of the Basic Food Education Forum.

To learn more about joining the forum visit  or contact Maricruz Sanchez.