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Connecting People with Food

How We Make Connections

Our bi-lingual call center staff are experts in food and health resources and provide families with friendly, compassionate service through three dedicated hotlines, including Washington State’s Apple Health for Kids Hotline, the Family Food Hotline, and the Family Health Hotline. To complement our call center services, we have comprehensive online resources for families,, and pregnant and parenting teens, Partnering with AmeriCorps, our service members conduct outreach and application assistance in-person in King and Snohomish Counties through our Bridge to Basics program.

Our Approach

Our knowledgeable, multi-lingual staff and AmeriCorps members utilize a highly effective service model we call Healthy Connections, to help families gain access to the services they need.

The key components of Healthy Connections include:

  • Knowledge – Extensive training to ensure our staff has the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise in public benefits eligibility.
  • Screening – An effective, streamlined screening process to ensure eligible families are getting connected to the services and resources they need.
  • Application Assistance – We help navigate the application process because we know that even filling out an application can be a daunting and challenging process, especially for people with limited-English proficiency.
  • Follow-up – We make sure no family slips through the cracks and receives the resources they need to create a healthy family.

Using this model, we helped over 300,000 families in the last year connect with local services and enroll in public benefit programs.

Use of mobile technology helps the outreach specialists search for resources and complete applications for families.