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Child Development Program

The WithinReach Child Development program utilizes a highly successful, evidence based model that aims to identify children at risk for developmental delays and to connect them to existing early intervention services and community based programs.

In Washington, an estimated 13% to 17% of children have a developmental delay. Of the nearly one in six children experiencing delay, only 30% will be identified and connected to early intervention treatment before kindergarten, when it is most effective.

One essential tool for monitoring child development is developmental screening. Validated developmental screening tools identify when a child’s development is not progressing at the expected rate, which alerts parents, caretakers and health care providers to the need for further assessment. In Washington, only 25.6% of kids receive a developmental screen at any point in their childhood.

Through routine screening, parents and caretakers gain a better appreciation for the skills their child is learning and a greater understanding of what developmental milestones are, how they build upon one another and what they should expect next.

The children that could benefit from early intervention services are able to access the support they need to address their developmental delay. The earlier these children’s delays are identified, the better their outcomes will be.

To learn more about WithinReach’s Child Development program, contact Stepahnie Orrico, Child Development Program Coordinator.If you would like a free developmental screening for your child or have concerns about your child’s development, call our Family Health Hotline (800) 322-2588 or visit