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Child Development

Child Development

Eighty-five percent of the brain’s development occurs before age three, making the first years of life critical to a child’s future success. Because of this rapid growth, early support and monitoring of child development is essential for kids to reach their full academic, social and personal potential.

As a caregiver you can watch for milestones during everyday moments. Every 3-6 months, check your child’s progress with a developmental questionnaire which asks you about skills most kids have at that age. You can learn if your child is on track or if she needs a little extra practice to be ready for school.

Nearly one in six Washington kids has a developmental delay, but only 30% of these children are identified before starting kindergarten, when early support services are most effective. Children with untreated delays are more likely to experience low academic attainment, low lifetime earnings and poor health.

Because of the lifelong impact of untreated delays on families and communities, WithinReach – Help Me Grow Washington, is committed to supporting optimal child development as we strive to ensure the health of all Washington families. Through our Family Health Hotline and online website ParentHelp123, we provide free developmental screening in English and Spanish, connections to early learning and family support and referrals to early intervention for developmental delays.

If you would like a free developmental screening for your child or have concerns about your child’s development, call our WithinReach Family Health Hotline (800) 322-2588 or visit