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Policy Work

WithinReach ensures that laws, policies and programs work to support the health of children, families and our communities.

We’re a community that cares about health… a community of families, neighbors, providers, partners, volunteers, and supporters… working together to bring health within reach. Why do we do it? Here’s what our community had to say.

To support advocacy efforts and advance public policy issues, we rely on coalitions of organizations and institutions that join together on policy issues. We believe that having a broad, inclusive base of organizations and individuals helps us be a powerful voice in Olympia and with elected officials in the municipalities we serve.  One example of our policy work includes working closely and aligning with The Health Coalition for Children and Youth (HCCY) that works to meet the medical, dental and mental health care needs of kids with a focus on health coverage for every child in Washington.

WithinReach leads a variety of coalitions focused on the health of families and communities. Each coalition uses its combined expertise to develop legislative priorities, influence policy decisions and work to ensure that laws are implemented effectively. We lead the following coalitions: