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Information and Resources for Providers and Community Organizations

This section contains useful breastfeeding promotion information, resources, and tools for community partners and providers. In this section, you will find information ranging from national breastfeeding data, to healthcare focused resources, such as Breastfeeding Friendly Washington Recognition Program, to coalition building tools and health equity resources. If you would like a resource shared in this section, email Chris Gray at


Breastfeeding Report Card

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s bi-annual Breastfeeding Report Card compares state- and national-level data to the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations and Healthy People 2020 targets. The Breastfeeding Report Card focuses on two sets of indicators, breastfeeding rates and support, and now includes breastfeeding data from Puerto Rico. The Breastfeeding Support Indicator measures key elements in the community setting. Indicators evaluate support provided in hospitals, birth centers, peer and certified lactation providers, and child care settings. To read how Washington State compares, visit page 4 of the 2016 Breastfeeding Report Card.

National Immunization Survey (NIS)—National and State Breastfeeding Rates

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Immunization Survey (NIS) estimates vaccine rates for children 19-35 months and 13-17 years in the United States. Beginning in July 2001, the CDC added breastfeeding questions to the survey, creating the U.S. National Immunization Survey — National and State Breastfeeding Rates. These questions capture information on the percentage of children breastfed (broken down by age and different exclusivity rates) and percentage of infants who received formula supplementation.

Specific Resources: