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Join the BCW

We welcome interested individuals and organizations to join our breastfeeding promotion efforts. To get involved or to link a new coalition with the BCW, contact Alex Sosa, Breastfeeding Promotion Manager, (206) 838-8655. To join the local coalition in your community, please contact them directly. Local coalition contact information can be found here.

BCW Committees

The following committees are important to our structure and function. Local coalitions and partner organizations each elect one to two representatives to serve on the statewide Steering Committee. The Steering Committee nominates and approves two Steering Committee Chairs (one from Eastern and one from Western WA) to also serve on the BCW Executive Committee. The Steering Committee currently meets three times a year, including an annual meeting.

The Executive Committee’s role is to provide leadership to the BCW, support BCW members in their activities and monitor emerging issues related to breastfeeding promotion at the national and state level.

Creating a New Coalition

There are many resources available to individuals or groups wanting to start a new coalition.  To learn about “Six Steps for Developing a Local Breastfeeding Coalition”, please visit our partner organization, the Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon’s site. For a comprehensive overview of coalition development, please visit the Harris County (TX) Breastfeeding Coalition’s Community Action Kit. This resource has a wealth of information for local groups wanting to promote, protect and support breastfeeding.

To see a list of potential coalition projects, see highlights from our local coalitions here: Project Inspiration and Ideas. We’ll be updating this periodically.