Breastfeeding is an important predictor of the health of both a mom and her baby. Moms already know breast is best: nine out of ten babies in Washington begin life breastfeeding! However, just 34% of babies are still breastfeeding at one year, and only 20% of babies are fed only breastmilk for the recommended six months.

Watch to find out why “Every Ounce Counts.”

Washington babies are missing out on receiving something that has a significant impact on their health, and the good news is WithinReach with its partner organizations are slowly changing this statistic.

WithinReach’s Breastfeeding Promotion Program provides a state-level support system to improve care for moms and babies so that they have the support they need to breastfeed their babies. WithinReach is also home to the Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington (BCW), a network of community members and coalitions working to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding as the norm in infant feeding.

WithinReach and the BCW are working to provide the necessary support and resources so moms can breastfeed their babies longer. This includes creating more places where moms can breastfeed their babies, including hospitals, clinics, work, child care and out in the community.

Whether you’re a mom, family member, health care provider, employer, coalition or community member, everyone has a role to play in supporting breastfeeding. You will find information and resources here to help Washington ‘Step Up’ in providing moms and babies with the best breastfeeding support possible.