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Healthy Communities

Much of our work is at the individual level, work to meet the needs of individual families. But we also work at what we call the ‘systems level’. Partnering with like-minded organizations, we advocate for policies that promote quality, efficiency and change—policies that will benefit all of Washington’s families.

Systems-level work takes time. There are few quick wins or clear victories. This work isn’t glamorous and it doesn’t lend itself to heart-warming stories. But trust us when we say: it’s important and it’s worth doing.


Improving Washington immunization rates. LEARN MORE >


Improving support for moms and babies. LEARN MORE >

Policy Work

Policy Work
Participating with community partners. LEARN MORE >

This past year, we:

  • Collaborated with and Washington Department of Health to add immunization and exemption rates for each school in WA State. This data gives parents one more important data point to help them decide on the best school for their child.
  • Promoted proven practices, by serving as the driving force behind improving the support that moms and babies receive when they are learning to breastfeed. Now 19 hospitals across the state have the tools, education and support they need to increase the number of women breastfeeding their babies.
  • Through our network of community, health care, and social service partners and via culturally competent strategies and resources, WithinReach deepened the awareness of hepatitis B among the Asian Pacific Islanders and East African communities in Puget Sound. The educational conversations with these populations led to more requests and interest by the community themselves for community-based screenings and activities. Our targeted approach and credibility in this work led the Center for Disease Control to choose Seattle as a demonstration site.

Connecting for change:

If you think ‘system level change’ sounds exciting, get in touch with our Executive Director. She’s pretty excited about it as well and would love to talk to others who feel the same. Read our Legislative Agenda >>