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Tis’ the Season!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” This quote by the late cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead is truly apropos to a recent partnership that WithinReach and many others have been involved in!

Less than a month ago, one of our Community Partnership Associates at WithinReach, Jefferson Rose, was contacted by Ellie Marsh, President of the Western Washington Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (WW-NAHN), about a school in the Edmonds School District that had several dozen children that were either unvaccinated or under-vaccinated due to lack of access to a medical home. These children needed a number of required vaccinations by January 4th in order to continue attending school.

Jefferson passed along this information to the Immunization and Healthy Connections Teams at WithinReach, which quickly mobilized to see what we could do to get these children vaccinated and connected to health insurance. Through our relationship with the Snohomish Health District we connected the health department and WW-NAHN together, and this is where the magic truly happened!

I’m excited to report that the WW-NAHN, in conjunction with Spruce Elementary School, WithinReach, Snohomish Health District, and the University of Washington School Of Nursing, hosted an immunization clinic for these families on Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

All vaccines were provided for free by the Snohomish Health District, six nursing students from the UW were on hand to give all of the injections to children, and WithinReach’s multi-lingual in-person assisters – Maricruz and Irina — were on hand to sign families up for health insurance, and provide other community resources for families!

As a result of all of these efforts, we learned that nearly half of the students that were previously identified as out of compliance with their immunizations were able to show proof of the required immunizations, and the other half received all the vaccinations necessary to stay in school.

Thank you to all the amazing partners who rallied together to protect kids from vaccine-preventable diseases and get them signed up for health insurance.



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