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U.S Depts of Education and Health Endorse Help Me Grow System Model

Twenty years ago, a model for building a comprehensive, statewide, coordinated system for connecting at-risk kids and families to services and resources was piloted in Connecticut. That model was called Help Me Grow, and it has since been tested, refined, and replicated across 28 states nationwide under the amazing leadership of the Help Me Grow National Center. In 2010, Washington State became the 8th state affiliate for the Help Me Grow model and WithinReach was appointed as the official state affiliate and organizing lead.

Last month, the success of the HMG model was highlighted in a new joint policy statement released by the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services. The statement includes a recommendation for states to adopt a centralized intake, screening and referral process, specifically naming the Help Me Grow® system model.

The report notes that Help Me Grow is a “non-federal system that assists states in identifying children at risk for developmental and behavioral concerns and then helps families find community-based programs and services. HMG is a system that helps to build collaboration across sectors, including health care, early care and education, and family support.”

Since becoming an affiliate, WithinReach has acted as the central access point for families, expanding our resource directory, service delivery and collection of data that informs systems change. As the other model components hinge upon a strong central access point, this lays a critical foundation for future provider and community outreach efforts.

Our very first Help Me Grow family was Ginelle and Chloe. Navigating through complex social and health systems while trying to find the resources you and your family need to be healthy is overwhelming. The story of our work together with Ginelle to ensure Chloe received all of the care she needed is highlighted in our Help Me Grow program video.

The Help Me Grow model is a simple solution that builds on existing resources. Through comprehensive physician and community outreach and centralized information and referral centers, families are linked with needed programs and services. Ongoing data collection and analysis helps identify gaps in and barriers to the system.

Through participation in regional and statewide partnerships, WithinReach has raised visibility of this valuable model and cultivated interest in family-centered resource connection. As grants and projects permit, Washington partners (such as the State Departments of Health and Early Learning, Washington State Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and regional early learning coalitions) work to promote developmental screening, quality referral processes, and meaningful cross-sector coordination. As noted in the report, a cross-sector model helps systems to “maximize service delivery and resources, ensure that families get needed services, and ultimately improve outcomes to change the developmental trajectory of vulnerable infants and toddlers.”

We are heartened by the endorsement of U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services for other states to adopt the Help Me Grow model because we’ve seen it do great things for kids in Washington. Every family deserves access to the right resources when they need them. To learn more about Help Me Grow in Washington, visit Or, learn more about the Help Me Grow National Center.

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