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Teen Reflections on the Loss of Glee Star

Sixteen year old guest blogger Sara from Woodinville, WA shares her thoughts in the wake of Glee star, Cory Monteith’s death.

Like many teenage fans of “Glee” I was shocked when I heard the news about the death of Cory Monteith. Somebody who had it all, and was so successful! I can’t even imagine the kind of stress he might have encountered that would cause him to abuse drugs and alcohol, eventually resulting in his death.

At the heart of Cory’s struggles were unresolved emotional issues.  Was he turning to drugs to escape from pressure?  Was it issues with family or friends or some unexplained emotional issue that was masked by a seemingly perfect life?  He had a great job on a hit television show and a beautiful girlfriend.  But, were things perfect?  Is there really such a thing as a perfect life? What makes people snap and make bad choices?  Why would someone take risks by using drugs that they know could kill them?  Why would they risk losing everything for a quick high?  Do they not feel worthy of their success or what they have achieved?

There is an expression: “To whom much is given; much is expected.”  Is that true?  Are we then creating more pressure on ourselves to succeed and do more when we are given more?  Does this create false promises, hopes and dreams?

I guess we will never know the reason why people do what they do and the deeper questions surrounding Cory’s death will remain unanswered.  The one thing we do know is that the people they leave behind mourn their loss as they struggle to find the answers.

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