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Managing Change

Managing Change and Nurturing Our Culture

I’m still smiling after our terrific All Staff Retreat last week. It is often hard to carve out the time to build team, and I think that as nonprofit leaders, we sometimes assume that because we have a shared vision of the change we are trying to create, that everyone will come together as a team. In addition, it is hard to take the time away from the clients who need our services each day. But taking this time away is very important– if our teams are not cohesive, then we cannot live up to our potential and best serve our clients and communities.
Over the past year, WithinReach has undergone a series of transformational changes in how we organize our teams and deliver our services. Our team has dug deep and the results are amazing, but change can be hard and I was aware that our staff was tired and it was impacting the morale of our team. This year, our retreat was focused on Managing Change, and the nurturing of our culture and our high performing team. We were fortunate to have Point B donate a facilitator for the day and it was amazing. This allowed the senior leadership team to fully participate in the activities of the day.
I observed that one of the secret ingredients to our success is how well rounded our staff is. Our team is showing up content and happy with their lives. We have a number of working moms and we offer an environment that allows them to be professionals and great moms! We have artists and community volunteers that use their passion by day to help people and by night they are creating stronger community. We also have team members who know that self care is not a luxury, but a requirement for delivering the best service to our clients–so we have lots of yogi’s, hikers, and wine drinkers. Finally, I loved how fully and completely our team showed up. From our opening activity, where everyone had to equate their mood to a type of weather, to our ending activity of dramatic interpretations of our brand in action, everyone was open to the experience and participated fully. This is a sign of a healthy team! I am starting the week full of gratitude for the amazing group of people I get to work with everyday.

PS- For those of you who are OD junkies like me, I’ve added our retreat slides for you. It’s good stuff!

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