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Learning Our Way Through

Leading a non-profit organization that creates real social impact in the world today is harder than ever. We all work at high speed to keep up with the VUCA world we live in – a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

At WithinReach, we believe in growing leadership capacity from within.  And so, we regularly ask ourselves: what leadership competencies will help us create the greatest impact for the families, and how do we grow them?  A recent blog post by Nancy Winship at the Waldron Group, suggests that to meet the demands of the complicated, ever-changing landscape in which we work, we must be able to ‘learn our way through’ – becoming competent in discernment, resilience, courage, tolerance/respect and above all, self-awareness – the honest assessment of how we show up in our work as leaders, and in which areas we need to grow.

Most non-profit organizations find it hard to devote adequate, if any, resources to leadership development.  We are no different, but we are committed to being different.  We want to ensure that our staff gain the competencies they need to lead successfully in our dynamic world.

Every day, we are learning our way through together…to make the connections WA families need to be healthy.

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