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Emergency Contraception

The Royal Baby Buzz

Sixteen year old guest blogger Sara from Woodinville, WA is back! Look for her weekly blog posts that will examine a current event from a teen perspective and connect to resources on WashingTeenHelp.org.

While the whole world is happy for Kate Middleton, the reality for the rest of us is that having a baby is not a swirl of living in romantic castles, being married to a prince and styled in designer pregnancy couture.  The reality is that babies are hard work– even more so if you are not  in a financially and emotionally stable place in life.  I know that  I’m not ready to have a baby yet and that’s okay.

That is why I was interested in another announcement which was made recently but not with quite as much fanfare as the royal birth.  The announcement was about Plan B, the emergency contraceptive.  It used to be available over the counter to those 17 or older (16 or younger with a prescription). Now it is available to everybody “over-the-counter” like most allergy or cold medicine. Asking a pharmacist for anything can be awkward, even if it is “what brand of cough drops help best soothe a throat?”  I always think they are judging me. I know they are there to help, but I’d just rather get what I need and get on with my life.  At an average of $50, the Plan B cost is hefty enough so that Emergency Contraception will not be relied upon as a regular form of birth control. I have learned that Plan B is not an abortion pill. It is taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent a pregnancy. Therefore, it is a preventative measure to something that could turn one’s life in an unintended direction.

Dear people reading this, I remind you, we are not the Duchess of Cambridge and having a baby is not our entry ticket into a fairy tale. We all have bright futures and have opportunities to write our own stories.  I am just saying…know your options.

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