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Client Story – The Gift of Help

We hear this every day from families looking for help, but ending up overwhelmed. Struggling to find the assistance they need. Try as they might, as one Dad put it, “You keep knocking on the wrong door because you just don’t know.” 

After working together for 18 years at the same private institution, Nathan and his wife, Amy, were told the organization would be closing immediately. Their life took a turn in an instant. Not only were both losing their livelihoods— soon after they found out their employers had not been paying into the unemployment system. Nathan and Amy had savings, but the loss of income and insurance for the family of seven meant they were going to need some help soon. Concerned about how to now take care of their family, they didn’t know what to do or where to start. Amy contacted WithinReach. After working with Kate at WithinReach, Amy felt a huge sense of relief.  WithinReach was able to get them signed up for healthcare and food assistance until they could get back on track.

“No one wants to be in this situation… but we were fortunate to have our families support, each other and WithinReach to help us get through it.”

We all want vibrant, healthy communities. To live in a place where friends and neighbors can access affordable health care, put food on their tables, and give their children the best starts in life. When the need arises, we want to be there to help them overcome obstacles, answer questions, and give everyone the opportunities they deserve to thrive.

WithinReach works at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact. With over 28 years of experience, our focus is on assisting families today while building simpler, more equitable pathways to navigate in the future. This is where you’ll find us. And where we know you’ll be there, too. Friends like you make this work possible. 

This past year we were able to serve more than 280,000 families. But, we still have more pathways to build. Join us in supporting our Washington neighbors by donating below.