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Podcast: Help Me Grow with Founder Dr. Paul Dworkin

During the Help Me Grow National Forum, WithinReach’s (Help Me Grow Washington) Chief Strategy Officer, Sharon Beaudoin, sits down with Dr. Paul Dworkin to discuss the Help Me Grow model and importance of its four key components and the work of Help Me Grow Washington. Dr. Dworkin is Executive Vice President for Community Child Health at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Founding Director of the Help Me Grow National Center, and professor of pediatrics at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

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5 things you didn’t know about ORCA LIFT

1. You sign up in person and get the card right away


2. Unlike a standard ORCA card which costs $5, the LIFT card is FREE


…but it doesn’t look different at all!


3. Bus rides only cost $1.50 and you won’t get charged more during rush hour



4. You can use it on the Water Taxi



5. You’re signed up for 2 years of eligibility even if your income changes!



ORCA LIFT offers reduced-cost transportation to qualified individuals on King County Metro Transit buses, Sound Transit Link light rail, King County Water Taxi and Seattle Streetcar. The reduced fare for frequent riders can be $54 for an entire month of unlimited rides! For less frequent riders, the cost is $1.50 per trip. The income requirement for the program is 200% of the federal poverty level, which is the same income requirement for the Basic Food program. So if you qualify for food stamps in Washington, then you will likely be eligible for ORCA LIFT. In-person verification is needed prior to the distribution of an ORCA LIFT card. Once enrolled in ORCA LIFT an individual will be eligible to receive benefits for two years before having to reapply. Plus, you don’t have to live in King County to enroll! To find out where you can sign up, call the Family Health Hotline today!


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